Here Is Why Your Girlfriend Is A B*tch  According To Her Zodiac Sign

Aries (March 21 – April 19) – She’s bossy, impulsive, and loudmouthed. She doesn’t think twice before doing something. She isn’t patient. She’s undisciplined and action oriented. If you come her way, she’ll kick you away. She’ll scold you for what you did to your family & friends. She will make you jealous by posting pics of hers hanging out with “cool” people to make you feel jealous. She’ll destroy the first thing she comes in contact with. Be it your Van Miller jersey or virus ridden laptop, the moment she touches it, it is gone.Image result for based on Zodiac Sign

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) –She is prone to possessiveness, jealousy, and penny-pinching. Initially, she’ll treat you like a royalty, bring home-cooked food for you, shower your day with gifts, and send you long, sensuous messages and unflappable demeanor. Once the routine sets in, that’s when she turns into a b**tch.Related image

If your secretary is more of a “work-wife”, she’ll smash your possessions, do all the accusation, scream, kick, break etc. with your things. Even after she’s done with all that, she won’t think twice before emptying your bank account. You got to keep it safe. The Bull is soothed with wine, food and material things.

Gemini (May 21 – June20th) – Initially, she’ll spellbind you with her childlike smile and interest in everything. Her Tinkerbell laughter will stimulate you and usher you into the land of butterflies. Things seem so fresh. But, it’s the beginning man!Image result for based on Zodiac Sign

She is a superficial person, anxiety struck and directionless. She can’t commit herself to anyone. Everything seems attractive to her directionless mind. She sucks nectar from her first flower and flies off to the next. She’s a tease and can’t settle with one person. The $ex may seem something too much for her. But she’ll drive you crazy anyway.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – Be prepared with lots of tissues because she is always so crying. Get used to her tears. She has zero confidence and always looks for an outside reassurance. She’s a stage 9 clinger. The moment she turns on her waterworks, you need to understand you get ready with long texts, reassuring and lengthy talks. Be ready with lots of time. She’ll be on you for kids within the first few weeks of dating. So, check twice if your condom has pinholes into it.Image result for based on Zodiac Sign

Leo (July 23 – August 22) – She doesn’t admire Beyonce. She thinks she herself is Beyonce. She has a flair of drama about her. Get prepared for public fights, drinks thrown on your face, regrets about how she wasted her time with you, and stomp off.Related image

After all the fight, she might reveal her kitten side. Apologizing, welcoming you on the bed with her makeup turned on, skin glistening, hair cascading etc. But even kitten has claws.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) – Get ready to live in her hypoallergic bubble, full of nasal filters, compression socks, humidifiers etcetc etc. At first, her service for you may draw your attention. Her highly organized behavior such that you never have to ask twice where your socks are or if electricity bill has been paid.Image result for based on Zodiac Sign

Her pills will kill you. Tablets of all kind will dwell in your home. Once you join a gym, get ready for rantings on how careless, beer gut you’re. Unless you are another Virgo, get ready to run hills.

Libra (September 23 – October 22) – Initially she’ll treat you like her “royal man” but soon her “psycho” personality comes into thepicture. She is so adept at befooling people and leading a “triple” or “quadruple” life that you don’t understand what’s happening in your life. She is a good debate. She is ready to debate till you give up!Image result for based on Zodiac Sign

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22) – She plays her game perfectly well. She’s so into the details of what’s going on in your life that the moment she finds you hanging out with anyone, she’ll track her down and kill her by sending anonymous threat notes, burning your stuff, and threatening you madly. She knows the rules of the game and plays it well too.Image result for based on Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius (November 23> – December 21) – Go about viewing the relationship with her as a fun not as a “fidelity” sport. She has a ‘live& let live’ motto that suits her life. Even if you catch her 7th or 8th time cheating, she won’t try to hide it and label you as trying to “own” her if you express discontent.Related image

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) – She is or purports to be a high-class lady. She’s extremely intelligent who can talk recipes with your mom and politics with your dad. Where’s is the problem? The problem is she’s too much goal oriented. For her, you are just a peg on the wall to enable her to get on the top. She wants your help only because of your connections, influence or knowledge that can help her get success. Yes, beware!Image result for based on Zodiac Sign

8 Ways To Tell If You Are In A Boring Relationship

If your relationship can’t survive the hard stretches of time, it will eventually turn boring and meaningless for you. Yes, it is hard to maintain the luster of the relationship after a few years. Once you have tried practically everything you could do to keep it interesting, things become stale. Meeting each other no longer evokes the fun and excitement it used to. Seeing each other no longer turns you on. Hangouts have become just a part of your relationship. Anniversaries and birthdays have become another date on the calendar.

Couples can’t afford to fall into their comfort zone if they’re really serious about their relationship. Each one has to continually put in more efforts to shake up the relationship. You don’t always need to make every day of your relationship a fun. But a few shakeups are required to spice things up. It gives the relationship the extra kick it needs to not collapse.

That’s why you must never allow your relationship to turn into a boring one. Diversify your activities. Bring in newer hobbies. Do whatever possible to keep the blood pumping in your relationship. So, what exactly are the signs that suggest you have become a monotonous couple? Read on to know.

1. You have run out of things to talk – You don’t have interesting things to talk about anymore. Your discussions have hit a plateau where you no longer find exciting things to discuss. All you need is to expose each other to something new. You need a new perspective.

2. Your $ex life is on life-support – You have to keep your $ex life active and engaging in you want your relationship to stay fresh. Otherwise, it will revert back to monotony and routine.

3. You can’t remember the last time you had fun with each other – The last time was when you were out with your friends or were by yourself. Things weren’t as interesting otherwise you wouldn’t forget meeting your accomplice. Go out! Have some fun with each other right away.

4. You don’t do new activities as a couple anymore – Take up hiking or join a yoga class together. Don’t become the boring old couple that chooses to stay at home.

5. You don’t do things that make you happy – Remember, always have the time to do things you like the most, things that keep you happy and engrossed. If you don’t maintain the optimistic outlook for life, the negativity will slide into your relationship as well. If you maintain a positive outlook, it’s going to manifest itself in your life.

6. Dates are a thing of the past – No matter how old your relationship grows, it’s important to go on a few creative dates and make each other feel more special. Just remind each other why you fell in love in the first place.

7.You don’t make an effort to look good anymore – Make an effort to keep your body tight and chiseled. Try your best always to make your partner fall in love with you more and more. Don’t take them for granted. They are still worth the effort.

8.You don’t have a life outside of your relationship – If your relationship is your whole life, you are depriving yourself of the much-needed perspective, exposure, and depth.

What Girls Want 8 Ways To Make Your Girl Happy

The man has been able to understand the whole universe but he still can’t understand the “woman”. She is so hard to decode. Women are still a big mystery. When we men love a woman, we want to know her more.

But women are complicated. They are hard to know. Sometimes they are sensible. Other times, they just don’t make any sense whatsoever. How can a man please a woman if she just doesn’t make sense? Don’t worry. We are here to rescue you from the troubled waters of confusion and secure your place in an oasis of love and harmony.

Let’s look at some points to keep her happy.

Respect her, treat her nice

Love without love and understanding is no love at all. When you love someone, you must accept them without judging. Don’t insult or disrespect them for their past, their opinions or values they hold. Women need respect from the guy they love.

Embrace her flaws and imperfections

This is the most beautiful thing about love. We embrace the other person as he/she is. We know we aren’t perfect and we shouldn’t expect the same stuff from our partner. Accepting them as they cajole the relationship.

You must always listen to her

Women are more talkative than men. Most of their talks are nonsensical r gibberish. But they’ll appreciate it when you listen to them. They’ll appreciate that you are a good listener. Listen not pretentiously but truly. It moves you both closer.

Be there for her

Be it a small problem relating to house chores or major problems relating to career, she’s going to need you at every step. Be there for her ever. Support her in solving her problem.

Don’t take her for granted

Men typically start taking their women for granted. They stop appreciating them, complementing them or making them feel special. If you do that, the spark in your relationship is long gone. Always give her the most needed and awaited heartfelt compliments from your side.

Don’t cheat

Don’t lie to her. Lying means sowing the seeds of distrust in her. She’ll always be worried and questioning if you’re with someone else. She’ll lose faith in you. So, just keep your girl happy. Don’t worry about others.

Dress well, have a good sense of humor

Girls like to spend their time with someone who can complement them and make them laugh. Your dressing reflects who you are from inside. So, dress well and nicely. That’s important.

Share your sensitive side

Girls don’t expect their macho men to be omnipotent. Every man has his weak side and girls appreciate when he shares the same with them. Women are creatures ebullient with emotions. They need it to feel safe and better.


What Kind Of Ex-Girlfriend Are You? Your Zodiac Reveals All…

Sometimes things don’t work out and relationships end, and it is never a happy feeling for you or your partner. While every girl deals with her breakup in her own unique way but based on your Zodiac sign, we can chart out some basic behaviours that you’re likely to indulge in. Read on and find out the type of an ex-girlfriend you are, based on your zodiac sign…

1. The Aries Ex-Girlfriend

You are the kind of ex-girlfriend who won’t lie back sulking in bed with buckets of ice cream and watch RomComs! Instead, you will pull up your socks and get out and get going to find a crazy distraction from all the negative emotions, be it taking up an adventure sport, splurging on a lavish purchase or even embarking on a crazy adventure.


1 type of an ex girlfriend - girl cycling, What Type Of An Ex-Girlfriend Are You? | POPxo, type of an ex girlfriend

2. The Taurus Ex-Girlfriend

You are a very logical person and once you’ve figured out why things did not work out between you and your partner, you’ll be at peace with the breakup. While you are so chill that you may be okay being friends with your ex sometime down the line, you’ll never make the mistake of dating the same person again.

2 type of an ex girlfriend - girl talking, What Type Of An Ex-Girlfriend Are You? | POPxo, type of an ex girlfriend

3. The Gemini Ex-Girlfriend

The kind of ex-girlfriend who is super chill and adventurous, you are likely to oscillate on-and-off with your ex. While it is great to give your partner a second or a third chance, sometimes you forget that breaking up with a person may be for the best!

3 type of an ex girlfriend - girl talking, What Type Of An Ex-Girlfriend Are You? | POPxo, type of an ex girlfriend

4. The Cancer Ex-Girlfriend

One of the most loyal and supportive zodiac signs, you feel breakups most intensely. After a breakup, you feel as if your world has fallen apart and there is a lot of sobbing and tearing up, while you promise your friends that you are doing just fine, you just need a little more support and comfort.

4 type of an ex girlfriend - phoebe friends, What Type Of An Ex-Girlfriend Are You? | POPxo, type of an ex girlfriend

5. The Leo Ex-Girlfriend

Being the lion sign, you are likely to feel hurt, insulted and very upset that your partner did not see you for the sweetheart that you are and did not fight for you. You are most likely to play it cool, conceal your emotions, put on a happy face and go party it up with friends.

5 type of an ex girlfriend - sonam kapoor aisha, What Type Of An Ex-Girlfriend Are You? | POPxo, type of an ex girlfriend

6. The Virgo Ex-Girlfriend

You are the kind of ex that loves analysing the relationship and sometimes, let’s just say you go overboard. The deeply emotional person that you are, you may go through all chats to find the red flags from where everything started going downhill, desperately seeking a closure.

6 type of an ex girlfriend - taylor swift, What Type Of An Ex-Girlfriend Are You? | POPxo, type of an ex girlfriend

7. The Libra Ex-Girlfriend

Sign of the scales and non-confrontational by nature, you are the kind of ex that goes around telling everyone that you have no ill will against your partner after the breakup ( even though you’re really bitter and you won’t actually ever forgive them). Swinging between ‘he was the love of my life’ and ‘it’s all for the best’, you are most likely to sign up for some kickboxing or yoga sessions to achieve that zen mode.

7 type of an ex girlfriend - beyonce, What Type Of An Ex-Girlfriend Are You? | POPxo, type of an ex girlfriend

8. The Scorpio Ex-Girlfriend

You are the most level-headed zodiac sign who goes cold-turkey on their partner after the breakup, cutting off all communications forever. Basically, when things fall apart, you leave with dignity and grace, closing that chapter. What can we say? That is how you roll!

8 type of an ex girlfriend - swag, What Type Of An Ex-Girlfriend Are You? | POPxo, type of an ex girlfriend

9. The Sagittarius Ex-Girlfriend

The happy-go-lucky, carefree person that you are, makes you the kind of ex who may continue to be friends with your ex-boyfriend and jump right up at the first opportunity of him trying to win you back over.

9 type of an ex girlfriend - taylor swift, What Type Of An Ex-Girlfriend Are You? | POPxo, type of an ex girlfriend

10. The Capricorn Ex-Girlfriend

You are the kind of ex who has the shortest post-breakup mourning period. It almost seems that you are excited to start afresh and be back in the game with someone new. And let’s be honest, you’re not completely wrong, an end is the start of a new beginning.

10 type of an ex girlfriend - party girl, What Type Of An Ex-Girlfriend Are You? | POPxo, type of an ex girlfriend

11. The Aquarius Ex-Girlfriend

You are the kind of ex who almost seems relieved after having a breakup and seems to be super happy to have all your personal space back. Your charisma and conversational skills don’t let you stay down for too long and you’re back in the game rather quickly.

11 type of an ex girlfriend - tinder, What Type Of An Ex-Girlfriend Are You? | POPxo, type of an ex girlfriend

12. The Pisces Ex-Girlfriend

Being the super compassionate and kind person that you are, you feel the breakups way too intensely and end up crying buckets. Despite all this, you try to keep your ex in your life, keeping things as friendly as possible. What can we say, the heart wants what it wants, right?

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15 Things Men Do Only When They Are FAITHFUL 100 Percent

Infidelity is becoming one of the most common crimes ever. 41% of couples suffer infidelity at one point in their lifetime. This makes it even more critical to look for fidelity in your man. Don’t worry! If your man does these 15 things for you, he is in fact faithfulcouple, engagement, kissing

1. Likes your friends – A faithful man will never try to keep adistance from your friends. He’ll enjoy being with your friends, though keeping a safe distance from them.


community, letters, love

2. He’s open with you – There are no secrets between you and him. He keeps everything transparent because he doesn’t want any misunderstanding to creep between you both.

You’ll Never Go To KFC After Reading These Shocking Facts.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) also known as ‘Finger-licking’ and ‘So Good’ has taken India by storm, they also create a veg menu for India, but we all love their’s fried chicken so much as it is Soo Good. There are around 350 KFC outlets in India and is still increasing day by day. We all love KFC but do you know I think that most of you don’t going to love it anymore after reading these all shocking facts about KFC.

1. They serve so many types of chicken, and their fried chicken is most popular but do you know that their grilled chicken has cancer-causing chemicals in it. This chemical can cause cancer and is called Carcinogen.

2. We think that they take care of their product very seriously and that’s why we fully trust them but do you know that they first used palm oil to fry chickens and now switched to canola oil. They make this switched for becoming more healthy but canola oil is healthy only before heating, so when they heat it for frying chicken it has almost become toxic.

3. We don’t eat street foods because we have to take care of hygiene but do you know a street food is so much hygiene than KFC food as they can’t even keep their floors clean, so what you think about their food?

4. They also use some parts of the chicken that we should not eat, as you can see in this picture a KFC chicken with some brain like thing. They also do not care about their chicken quality or how much old it is as you can see worms in a chicken in below picture.

5. Do you know their burgers contain so many calories, do you know that you have to walk for around 2 hours to burn those calories which you have gained from one KFC burger and it also affects you in many ways?

6. Do you know that a report came out of KFC company that around 1 billion of chickens are killed in cages due to so much suffocation because they overfilled the cages and the only god knows what they do with dead chicken?

7. Are aware of a KFC bath tub case if not then don’t worry, I’m gonna tell you. Three KFC workers have been sacked for using the restaurant dishwasher as a hot tub. Yes, these girls use KFC dishwasher as a hot bath tub and also posts the picture on MySpace.

Comment your thoughts below in comment section area and also share this article with your friends and family to also make them aware.

8 Things Guys Secretly Love, Look Out For These!

Get a little glimpse into the male world and his way of thinking to better understand your guys. It is hard to keep someone happy if they don’t tell what exactly they like. Males are like this. They want their girlfriends to figure out what makes them happy. No matter how simple and sweet their desires may appear to be, there are certain things guys remember and love. Here are these.

1. When you text him first – Or even if you reply to his texts quickly, he’ll understand you want to make him happy. Guys have no clue if they are being pushy or over texting. Your quick replies or initiating the conversation will tell them you’re interested.

Image result for girl texting on phone

2. Laying your head on his chest – Men like to get the feeling of being protective. When you lay your head upon his chest, they get the feeling you feel protected in their arms. They just love it.

Image result for laying head on chest

3. Playing with his hair while he’s driving – You don’t know it can make him smile instantly. Curling your finger around his hair gives him goosebumps. But don’t distract him too much while he’s driving.

4. You appreciate him – Some men don’t get persuaded by your actions only if you actually see their efforts they’re putting into the relationship. Some men need a more direct approach to be told directly how much you love them.

Image result for girl appreciate her bf

5. When you really listen to him – You know how much it should matter if you listen to him and try to understand him. Men know the woman who listens to them actively loves them.

6. Brag a little in public – Suppose he arranged an impromptu dinner party. You need to just take the pic of the tablescape and share it with everyone. This will help him know how much you appreciate him.

Image result for bragging about your boyfriend

7. When you’re affectionate out of nowhere – While waiting for the queue to get finished, just hug him or give him a peck on his cheek while waiting for the movie to start. Enough to tell him you love him.

8. When you text him even when you’re with your friends – It makes him feel important, trust me! You have your needs to go out with friends, spend some time by yourself. If you text him when he’s not present, he’ll feel himself to be an important part of your life.

Image result for texting your boyfriend

Simple Reason Why We Tend To Lose Interest In People Who Show So Much Interest In Us

It’s human tendency to accept rejection from someone higher than seeking affection from someone lower. We are built this way to look for more and try to get it as soon as possible. This is the primary trait that tells you what you have now is not enough. You need not be content with this much. There is a new realm of the world out there unexplored that you need to seek for yourself.

Image result for cute couple losing interest

Every romantic movie has a region in which the only one of the two persons falls in love with someone ‘out of their league’ and strives to attain them. The climax gets over the moment they get united. If we find someone to whom we are especially drawn, we feel the necessary urge to go, grab them anyhow. If that thing seems unattainable, our thirst to get it grows manifold.Image result for getting something unattainable

& this above theory beautifully explains why someone you maybe so much attracted to doesn’t give you a damn. Just like you, the other person also does want to seek someone who they think is better than they are. They seek those persons who they think are difficult to get. If you cling to them so much, they feel you are a worthless fellow.

It goes against the human tendency to want something we feel we cannot have. When you tell the other person you are there for them always, they know they can certainly get you any moment they like. You aren’t someone they feel is “out of their grasp”. You make yourself so much within their grasp.Image result for making yourself available always

From biological perspective also, natural selection designed us this way. When we seek those who are way better than us, the quality of or offspring will be enhanced. That’s the goal of natural selection process, to continue to produce better offspring as each generation advances.

Another psychological reason can be advanced as well. Deep inside every human being resides from fear, some insecurity that they aren’t worth being loved. When the other person shows excessive interest in us, we think, “There must be something wrong with him/her for liking me so much.”Image result for overcoming ego and insecurity

Well, having learned all this stuff, how can you make your life better? The clue to making your life better is to overcome your ego and insecurities and enjoy the new realms of opportunities life has to offer to us.

This Is How A Man Who Truly Loves You Will Keep You Even When You’re At Your Worst

It’s critical for you to know that your man loves you. If you have a new relationship, things are still very fresh. Chances are every time he meets you, he expresses his love, hugs you and kisses you. He never forgets days like Rose day, Propose day etc etc. But if you have been with your man for a longer span then chances are that your relationship became a victim to the ravages of time and monotony.

Yes, this is sadly true that after a period of time, men start taking things for granted in their relationship. You work hard to help them notice the small things you do for them but they overlook everything. The moment they return from the office, they switch on their TVs and sit like statues. They hardly seem to care you cooked their favorite meal for dinner.

Things are likely to get worse when they even stop sharing little things with you. They don’t discuss their share market headache or their office stories with you. They no longer tell you how cruel their boss is. Above all, they even don’t ask you, “How was your day honey?” If things have gone bad to this extent, you need to do something to rejuvenate the lost life of your relationship. A person who loves you won’t want to keep things to himself. He would love sharing above all.Image result for man not paying attention to his wife

After he returns from the office and undresses his office garments, he scarcely notices you. His tiredness is enough to overwhelm his love. Any man profoundly interested in you will return from his office to see you. If he takes you for granted, things aren’t working out well.

What are the signs that tell if he truly loves you?

He calls you randomly to discuss things that matter to him or matter to you – This is a good sign that things are going pretty well between you and him. You are the most important person he feels to discuss things with.Image result for financially broke person


Responsibly meets your family –

Men generally hate to meet their spouse’s friends and family. But if your man does so, you are lucky really. He wants to please you and not differentiate between his parents and yours. That’s a positive sign.

Image result for boy meeting girl


Takes you to meet his family and friend –

If he’s not still married to you but wants to take you to see his family and friends, that’s a positive sign of a healthy relationship. He sees the immense good in you and doesn’t hesitate to take you with him around.

Image result for happy couple with parents


Spends money to get you things you love –

He’s not a niggardly fellow. He is ready to spend his cash on things you like. Those maybe arranging a few dates or you or taking you out on a motion picture you like. Trust me, a generous man will always spend his money for your happiness.

Image result for boy spending cash on girl

If You Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her

If you don’t love her, why are you still there with her? It’s true you love her. You can’t lie to yourself. But you can destroy her if the love inside you is overcome by the monster that secretly dwells inside you and tries to kill her.

Yes, the cruel monster can chew her up completely if you let it affect you. She’s the one with all her weaknesses, flaws and broken pieces. She’s the one who, despite being betrayed in the past, handed over her whole life in your unsteady hands. She’s the one who wants to be all time laughing, ecstatic and crazy. And you got to keep her that way!Image result for ecstatic girl

Remember the first time you met her. The innocence in her voice, the incorruptibility of her eyes and the tenderness of her soul, how deeply they touched you. How flat you went after she laughed at your jokes, smiled at your sight and shied away at your touch! Don’t let her down ever with your absence. Be there with her, not with your body but with your soul. Your presence will heal her and absence will devastate her.Image result for shy girl

You know she isn’t perfect. She knows you aren’t perfect. Yet, she entrusted you with all her weakness with the ray of hope you’ll accept those as gladly as she did yours. She doesn’t want you to try to heal her. Your presence effortlessly does that. She doesn’t want you to treat her like a person you just met and passed over. She doesn’t want you to treat her like a book you’ll eventually finish reading. She doesn’t want you to treat her like a bliss that will eventually fade.Image result for sad girl

No, keep discovering every inch of her every day. Keep exploring new aspects of being with her. Explore newer dimensions of hers. Make her realize the “worst” part of her life culminated to the “best” part she’s spending with you now. Throw every light of awareness that you are there for her may be separated by miles. If she’s broke, uplift her. If you confide in her, she would see the best part of you. If you let her down, she’ll kill herself thinking she isn’t worth anything.

She gave you the choice to make her feel about herself the way you want to. She chose you among the millions to sparkle her or tarnish her. You know this. You love her so much. Why would you want to tarnish her? Why wouldn’t you want to see her sparkle every day, go crazy day and night? Believe me, once you let her go, there’s no returning. Today life may seem pretty good. If she’s gone, those good things won’t get restored at all.Image result for boy loving a girl

It’s your choice to go for the best or mine out the worst. Go for the best! Make her feel the best part of herself. Hold her tight till she’s warm with your love. Never let her go!