Simple Reason Why We Tend To Lose Interest In People Who Show So Much Interest In Us

It’s human tendency to accept rejection from someone higher than seeking affection from someone lower. We are built this way to look for more and try to get it as soon as possible. This is the primary trait that tells you what you have now is not enough. You need not be content with this much. There is a new realm of the world out there unexplored that you need to seek for yourself.

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Every romantic movie has a region in which the only one of the two persons falls in love with someone ‘out of their league’ and strives to attain them. The climax gets over the moment they get united. If we find someone to whom we are especially drawn, we feel the necessary urge to go, grab them anyhow. If that thing seems unattainable, our thirst to get it grows manifold.Image result for getting something unattainable

& this above theory beautifully explains why someone you maybe so much attracted to doesn’t give you a damn. Just like you, the other person also does want to seek someone who they think is better than they are. They seek those persons who they think are difficult to get. If you cling to them so much, they feel you are a worthless fellow.

It goes against the human tendency to want something we feel we cannot have. When you tell the other person you are there for them always, they know they can certainly get you any moment they like. You aren’t someone they feel is “out of their grasp”. You make yourself so much within their grasp.Image result for making yourself available always

From biological perspective also, natural selection designed us this way. When we seek those who are way better than us, the quality of or offspring will be enhanced. That’s the goal of natural selection process, to continue to produce better offspring as each generation advances.

Another psychological reason can be advanced as well. Deep inside every human being resides from fear, some insecurity that they aren’t worth being loved. When the other person shows excessive interest in us, we think, “There must be something wrong with him/her for liking me so much.”Image result for overcoming ego and insecurity

Well, having learned all this stuff, how can you make your life better? The clue to making your life better is to overcome your ego and insecurities and enjoy the new realms of opportunities life has to offer to us.

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