8 Things Guys Secretly Love, Look Out For These!

Get a little glimpse into the male world and his way of thinking to better understand your guys. It is hard to keep someone happy if they don’t tell what exactly they like. Males are like this. They want their girlfriends to figure out what makes them happy. No matter how simple and sweet their desires may appear to be, there are certain things guys remember and love. Here are these.

1. When you text him first – Or even if you reply to his texts quickly, he’ll understand you want to make him happy. Guys have no clue if they are being pushy or over texting. Your quick replies or initiating the conversation will tell them you’re interested.

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2. Laying your head on his chest – Men like to get the feeling of being protective. When you lay your head upon his chest, they get the feeling you feel protected in their arms. They just love it.

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3. Playing with his hair while he’s driving – You don’t know it can make him smile instantly. Curling your finger around his hair gives him goosebumps. But don’t distract him too much while he’s driving.

4. You appreciate him – Some men don’t get persuaded by your actions only if you actually see their efforts they’re putting into the relationship. Some men need a more direct approach to be told directly how much you love them.

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5. When you really listen to him – You know how much it should matter if you listen to him and try to understand him. Men know the woman who listens to them actively loves them.

6. Brag a little in public – Suppose he arranged an impromptu dinner party. You need to just take the pic of the tablescape and share it with everyone. This will help him know how much you appreciate him.

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7. When you’re affectionate out of nowhere – While waiting for the queue to get finished, just hug him or give him a peck on his cheek while waiting for the movie to start. Enough to tell him you love him.

8. When you text him even when you’re with your friends – It makes him feel important, trust me! You have your needs to go out with friends, spend some time by yourself. If you text him when he’s not present, he’ll feel himself to be an important part of your life.

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