You’ll Never Go To KFC After Reading These Shocking Facts.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) also known as ‘Finger-licking’ and ‘So Good’ has taken India by storm, they also create a veg menu for India, but we all love their’s fried chicken so much as it is Soo Good. There are around 350 KFC outlets in India and is still increasing day by day. We all love KFC but do you know I think that most of you don’t going to love it anymore after reading these all shocking facts about KFC.

1. They serve so many types of chicken, and their fried chicken is most popular but do you know that their grilled chicken has cancer-causing chemicals in it. This chemical can cause cancer and is called Carcinogen.

2. We think that they take care of their product very seriously and that’s why we fully trust them but do you know that they first used palm oil to fry chickens and now switched to canola oil. They make this switched for becoming more healthy but canola oil is healthy only before heating, so when they heat it for frying chicken it has almost become toxic.

3. We don’t eat street foods because we have to take care of hygiene but do you know a street food is so much hygiene than KFC food as they can’t even keep their floors clean, so what you think about their food?

4. They also use some parts of the chicken that we should not eat, as you can see in this picture a KFC chicken with some brain like thing. They also do not care about their chicken quality or how much old it is as you can see worms in a chicken in below picture.

5. Do you know their burgers contain so many calories, do you know that you have to walk for around 2 hours to burn those calories which you have gained from one KFC burger and it also affects you in many ways?

6. Do you know that a report came out of KFC company that around 1 billion of chickens are killed in cages due to so much suffocation because they overfilled the cages and the only god knows what they do with dead chicken?

7. Are aware of a KFC bath tub case if not then don’t worry, I’m gonna tell you. Three KFC workers have been sacked for using the restaurant dishwasher as a hot tub. Yes, these girls use KFC dishwasher as a hot bath tub and also posts the picture on MySpace.

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