If You Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her

If you don’t love her, why are you still there with her? It’s true you love her. You can’t lie to yourself. But you can destroy her if the love inside you is overcome by the monster that secretly dwells inside you and tries to kill her.

Yes, the cruel monster can chew her up completely if you let it affect you. She’s the one with all her weaknesses, flaws and broken pieces. She’s the one who, despite being betrayed in the past, handed over her whole life in your unsteady hands. She’s the one who wants to be all time laughing, ecstatic and crazy. And you got to keep her that way!Image result for ecstatic girl

Remember the first time you met her. The innocence in her voice, the incorruptibility of her eyes and the tenderness of her soul, how deeply they touched you. How flat you went after she laughed at your jokes, smiled at your sight and shied away at your touch! Don’t let her down ever with your absence. Be there with her, not with your body but with your soul. Your presence will heal her and absence will devastate her.Image result for shy girl

You know she isn’t perfect. She knows you aren’t perfect. Yet, she entrusted you with all her weakness with the ray of hope you’ll accept those as gladly as she did yours. She doesn’t want you to try to heal her. Your presence effortlessly does that. She doesn’t want you to treat her like a person you just met and passed over. She doesn’t want you to treat her like a book you’ll eventually finish reading. She doesn’t want you to treat her like a bliss that will eventually fade.Image result for sad girl

No, keep discovering every inch of her every day. Keep exploring new aspects of being with her. Explore newer dimensions of hers. Make her realize the “worst” part of her life culminated to the “best” part she’s spending with you now. Throw every light of awareness that you are there for her may be separated by miles. If she’s broke, uplift her. If you confide in her, she would see the best part of you. If you let her down, she’ll kill herself thinking she isn’t worth anything.

She gave you the choice to make her feel about herself the way you want to. She chose you among the millions to sparkle her or tarnish her. You know this. You love her so much. Why would you want to tarnish her? Why wouldn’t you want to see her sparkle every day, go crazy day and night? Believe me, once you let her go, there’s no returning. Today life may seem pretty good. If she’s gone, those good things won’t get restored at all.Image result for boy loving a girl

It’s your choice to go for the best or mine out the worst. Go for the best! Make her feel the best part of herself. Hold her tight till she’s warm with your love. Never let her go!

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