5 Reasons Why You Should Be Together

For the lucky ones out there, love is something they found just too easily. But for us, love is a constant struggle. We keep looking for our perfect mate for the whole of our lives but yet never feel completely sure if we have found one. Yes, this is the nature of love, the rarest of the rarest jewels we’re searching everywhere. And even tougher is to maintain it! Even once found, it evaporates quickly with any barge of misunderstanding. It is so sensitive you can’t predict when the years of hard built infrastructure might collapse.

That’s why we are here to help you out while you’re so utterly confused if you have found your right one. We always harbor at least 0.1% doubt if the other one is truly fully honest or not. We keep gauging them. If your partner satisfies each of these five criterions, you can be sure to take a step forward in your relationship with them.

1. You have developed a sense of mutual respect for each other


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You both understand that the other one is just a human being, who has his own opinions, ambitions, desires and goals. You both understand that harsh words hurt like a nail and should never be used. You take care not to belittle them. Your partner is willing to give you your desired space and privacy. That’s perfect! Respect, though taken for granted, is an indispensable ingredient of any relationship.


2. Laughter and joy still dance around you

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Even though you both have been together for years, the feeling of ecstasy and joyfulness of being with each other doesn’t fade. The other one’s absence still pinches you. You still burst out laughing at his jokes the way you used to when he approached you for the first time. If that’s so, you are heading the right track.


3. You expose your vulnerability to the other one 

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All of us have our vulnerabilities that we can’t even think of revealing to the other one. But with your love mate, things are different. You both trust each other so much that you’re ready to hand them over your precious heart and tell them, “Here it is! Don’t betray it!”


4. You push each other to grow fuller

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You keep reminding each other of their forgotten goals and desires. You keep nudging them to continue to grow fuller as a human being. You want to see each other more successful and happier as a person. These gentle pushes only push forward your relationship.


5. There’s no room for jealousy

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Because you understand each other so perfectly well that there’s no room for such murky feelings like insecurity, jealousy, and the rest. You talk so openly that you share each and every bit of your flaw and insecurity with them. Jealousy only destroys the road for those who still shake while they walk. If you both head steadily together, nothing can obstruct your path.